About Us

Hi, my name is Gil McIff. Thank You for Being Here

 I Am a student of Life and Love with an emphasis on the Art of Consciousness. I Am a holistic guide to Awakening and Presence through Awareness, Sacred Geometry and Resonant Attunement.

I Am a full time international personal development, miracles coach for Prosper and Joe Vitale. My emphasis is on minimizing self sabotage by reprogramming subconscious automatic reactions with conscious responses. I have and sometimes still do, coach for Nightingale Conant, Kristen Howe, Learning Strategies, Steve G Jones and Mind Valley’s Carol Tuttle, The Silva Group, Burt Goldman and  Christie Marie Sheldon.  

I endorse and promote the principles of ”Awakening Oneness”, ”The Power of Now”and Eckhart Tolle, ”Gratitude is the Best Attitude”, “Feed What You Want and Starve What You Don’t Want”, ”The Flower of Life”, ”The Message in Water and Masaru Emoto,  ”Speaking the Lost Language of God”and Gregg Braden, ”The Kingdom of Heaven is Within”, ”Vibration is a Choice”, ”Anything is Possible”, ”Where Attention Goes Energy Flows”, “If You Get it Right on the Inside the Outside Will Take Care of Itself.

 I’ve been passionate about creating sacred geometry mandalas for over 15 years. I began by working with The Flower of Life. In Jungian psychology Mandalas are considered to be tools to reunify the self. My art is about reunification, unity consciousness and spiritual personal development. 

Whether you are drawing or observing these sacred geometry mandalas, you become the principles that radiate through them. 

One of the first descriptive titles was “meditation maps”. Each image literally functions as a map to different qualities and principles of life and consciousness as represented in the geometry, number combinations and colors.

The description “Sacred Geometry Mandalas of Resonant Attunement” felt right from the beginning.  Just a few years ago I discovered the Sanskrit word “samyama”; a word at least 3,000 years old and as a I understand it, it means to merge your awareness with the object of your attention. When I found this word I immediately recognized it because it means virtually the same thing I intended with resonant attunement.