How to Read Mind Flowers Sacred Geometry Mandalas

By identifying the combinations of numbers, geometry, and colors, each image can be read.


If you could find the pattern in which the universe divides then we would have the key to creation. 
~Nassim Haramein

“Symbolism is the language of the Mysteries; in it is the language not only of mysticism and philosophy but of all Nature, for every law and power active in universal procedure is manifested to the limited sense perceptions of man through the medium of symbol.”

~ Manly P. Hall


Color Influences

White- Spirit, Pure Consciousness, Purity, Divinity, Enlightenment
Purple- Pineal, Spiritual Connection with the Infinite, Consciousness, Bliss
Indigo- Pituitary, Vision and Intuition, Light, Clarity, Peace
Blue- Thyroid, Communication and Expression, Sound, Joy
Green- Thymus, heart, Compassion, Air, Love
Yellow- Pancreas, Personal Power, Fire, Empowerment
Orange- Reproductive Organs, Passion and Pleasure, Creative, Sexual, Water, Balance
Red- Adrenal Glands, Grounding, Foundation, Earth, Security 
Gold- DNA, Alchemical Awakening, Multi-Dimensionality, Transmutation, Being
Platinum- Spirit, Christed Consciousness, Mana, Resonance, Truth


Structural Function

1= Point 360° or 0° – Spirit, Whole, Infinite Potential
2= Line 180° – Contrast, Relationship, Distance, Content, Symbol, Distinction
3= Triangle 120° – Strength, Stability, Equilibrium, Trinity, Process, Context
4= Square 90° – Rooted, Material, Fixed
5= Pentagon 72° – Growth, Creativity, Intuition, Feminine
6= Hexagon 60° – Structure, Organization, Rationality, Masculine, “The Flower of Life”
7= Heptagon 51.428571…° – (Slope Angle of Giza’s Great Pyramid) – Truth, Soul, Enlightenment, Colors of Visible Light, Prime Nodes of Sound, Levels of Power, Seven Seals, Chakras
8= Octagon= 45° – Complete Balance, Heart/Mind, Male/Female, Matter/Spirit, Manifest/Unmanifest, Limbs of Yoga, Wheel of Dharma
9= Nonogon 40° – Completion, Perfection, Utmost Expression, Highest Achievement, 9 Months in the Womb= Creative Perfection, 9 Egyptian Neters represent the Archetypal Forces of Nature

Why did Plato state,  “Numbers are the highest degree of knowledge. It is knowledge itself.”?


Number Principles and Mayan Qualities 

1-  Unity, Wholeness, Unconditional Love, All that Is, Indivisible Essence
2-  Polarity, Duality, Relationship, Distinction, Contrast
3-  Rhythm, Trinity, Area -Triangle, Witness, Perspective, Process, Change 
4-  Measure, Volume -Tetrahedron, Order, Definition, Discrimination 
5-  Center, Compassion, Centering Force, Core Purpose, Nature, Fibonacci Sequence and Golden Mean,  
6-  Organic Balance, Hex, Creation, Dynamic Equilibrium, Receptivity 
7-  Mystical Power, Light, Sound, Seed,  Mirror to the Whole
8-  Harmonic Resonance, Empowerment, Galactic Grid, Infinity, Limbs of Yoga, Wheel of Dharma,  I-Ching 
9-  Cyclic Periodicity, Expansion, Mastery, Fulfillment, Grand Design, Enneagram 
10-  Manifestation, Intention, Centering Force Factored by Polarity Giving and Receiving Compassion
11-  Dissonance, Breaking Down from Complexity to Simplicity, Letting Go, Surrender
12-  Complex Stability, Stability in Expansion, Union of Polarity, Map to Nested Dodecahedron – Consciousness, 12 Desciples, 12 Houses of the Zodiac, 12  Tribes, 12 Knights of the Round Table  
13-  Universal Movement, Fruition, Transformational Development 
14-  The Mystical  Challenge, The Hero’s Journey
15-  Rhythm of Love, Life Current 
16-  Distinguished Stability and  Organizational Measure 
17-  If you know of a significant representation of 17 please share it. 
18-  Revealed Mastery and Creation’s Rhythm
19- The foundation for the flowerof life patter requires 18 circles around the center circle. Like seventeen if you are familliar with any specific representation of nineteen, please let me know.  
20-  Relationship Within Manifestation  and The Measure of Compassion