Love Within

Mandala Sacred Geometry - Love Within

Red Yellow Gold Green Red Yellow means Grounding Personal Power in Divine Love is  the truest and ultimate way to Ground Personal Power.

This Sacred Geometry Mandala with it’s fibonacci influence, 10 petals, could be considered an emblem for manifestation. My intention is specifically on the pentagonal geometry (2×5).  Pent, or 5ness  is life’s geometric presentation of centering force. It has been said that when connected to an EEG, at the onset of compassion,  the frequency cascade will display a .618 arc (golden mean spiral), suggesting Love as a centering force. The 2 pents represent a polarity or a give and take; an outer and an inner or an above and below; This is where the title roots.


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The fibonacci sequence is the universes spiraling rhythm of centering force. As an arc (.618….), Φ is a trans infinite number, like e and pi, and occurs everywhere in nature, from a galaxy to love.



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